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Why Do Mosquito Bites Itch?

It would be one thing if mosquitoes simply flew around your face and fearlessly endeavored to suck your blood all the livelong day, but why do mosquito bites itch so much? We breakdown the science for you below!

When a mosquito chomps down on your big toe, it pierces through your skin in order to draw blood with its straw-like mouth, which is called a proboscis, in case you were wondering. During this process, the Dracula of insects injects a bit of its own saliva, which contains an anticoagulant. This prevents your blood from clotting around the proboscis, thereby cementing the insect on your big toe with its mouth still in your flesh. Fun, right?

The wonder that is your immune system recognizes that this mosquito saliva does not belong in your big toe, or anywhere else in your body for that matter. So, your body attacks it, releasing histamine, which causes smooth muscles to contract and capillaries to dilate in order to dispel the mosquito saliva. It’s this histamine reaction that causes the unpleasant itching.

So, it’s not really the mosquito’s bite that causes our big toes to itch, but rather it’s our bodies’ response to the bite. A bittersweet relationship indeed...

This incredible response system is also the reason why the saliva injection site swells and becomes red: because the histamine makes those blood capillaries enlarge.

However, not everybody necessarily notices these effects of swelling or even the itch. According to Dr. Day, a medical entomologist at the University of Florida in Vero Beach, over time adults may develop a tolerance to mosquito bites. Personally, I have yet to experience this tolerance or encounter anyone with this wildly useful superpower. But here’s to hoping!

Until that day comes, though, we still have Osana’s All-Natural Mosquito Repelling Soap to protect us from the dreaded mosquito bite, the itchiness that follows and also the diseases that can tag along with it!

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Travel Hacks

Travel Hacks


Do you want to find travel hacks for absolutely everything?

Are you the type of person who wants to save money on essentially every aspect of the travel experience?

There is so much information out there about where to travel, when to travel, when to book your tickets, what sites to use, etc. It’s crazy! And truthfully, it can be more than a little overwhelming to keep everything straight.

So, we have put together a short and concise list of the best pages to visit when you’re determined to be a savvy traveller.

  1. First, we’d like to suggest Kayak's 7 Tips For Finding the Lowest Fare Possible. These tips are handy to pretty much everybody.
  2. From finding low fares and cheap food to inexpensive local transportation, Lifehacker's Ultimate Travel Hacking Guide is a great place to start.
  3. Are you a student, or know a student about to spread their wings abroad? Then the Student Travel Planning Guide may be perfect for you.
  4. Are you a hoarder with a propensity for over-packing? This life changing chart from Just Imagine may just help you lose those few pounds from your suitcase and avoid overweight baggage charges.
  5. Traveling with itty bitties? If you’re traveling with children, then these 10 creative hacks from Parenting Magazine may be worth a gander.
  6. In need of some general travel hack advice? These 11 travel hacks and tips let you in on the secrets of surviving long flights, packing your clothes for each day, and so much more!

And as always, before you travel, make sure you are informed as to the health alerts in the area AND that you are properly prepared with an effective, all natural mosquito repellent!

Safe travels and stay safe!


Ghana Children Playing in Water

Natural Mosquito Repellent Helps Hour of Grace Ghana

Not too long ago, a non-profit that Osana partners with, Hour of Grace in Ghana sent this testimonial back in February of 2017 after a volunteer brought 520 bars of natural mosquito repellent soap down with her and personally give them to those that were in desperate need. We thought it was so good we'd share it on our blog! Enjoy!

I frequently volunteer with Hour of Grace Orphanage in Ghana and when I brought them Osana soap the first time, the three smallest children were constantly sick with malaria. The soap very much served its original purpose, and when I went back the second time, there were no crazy fevers or vomiting.

Another really awesome thing is the sanitation it provides. Children who had 10 and 11 ringworm spots only had one or two if they even had any at all when I returned. It was truly a joyful moment to see how clean they were.

When I gave the soap out, I tried to stress how important it is for their health in addition to their nets and how it works. When I went back, I tried to talk to as many kids as I could one on one and get them to show me that they still had their soap. So it is a good opportunity to educate the people it's given to.

I was nervous about getting a "soap again" reaction from the kids (because they're kids), but because they could really see the difference, It helped to make being malaria free an exciting thing, and they knew how important it was, they were so happy to get more. ~Courtney from Osana Bar

Also, the kids at Hour of Grace have something to say!

The First #BiggerStory Winner


Our First #BiggerStory Winner!


Congratulations to our first winner of a year’s supply of Osana soap, Tommy Wisk!


Tommy has been kind enough to share his adventures using Osana soap and his #BiggerStory with us.  Tommy embodies what Osana encourages our supporters to do every day and what it means to make your actions count.


June 2017 #BiggerStory Winner


Our new friend chose to make his vacation count and has been serving communities in the Dominican Republic where “the people are friendly, and the mosquitos are friendlier”.  We get the joy of working hard to make life just a little easier for others, and that’s exactly what our new friend Tommy has been doing for the past year.  He has been building concrete floors, helping with reforestation, and making soap to help others.


Tommy told Osana that he began searching for alternative solutions to mosquito repellent as Zika alerts began to arise so he would not have to resort to toxic sprays.  “I purchased some of your soap and have been very satisfied with the results.  I bring it with me and use it each time I travel to the Caribbean.  I also tell everyone about it because I have never been bitten by a mosquito during any of my trips over the past year.”


Tommy, we are so glad you’ve had a great experience using Osana soap.  Now you’ll have plenty for you next trip to serve others.  Thank you for all you do and for being a part of a #BiggerStory!

Win a year supply of Osana

Win a year supply of Osana mosquito repellent soap!

Create social posts and photos and mention @osanabar
and tag them with the hashtag...


At the end of January, we will review all the social posts and photos and choose our favorite and announce a winner! The more you post the better chance you have of taking home some Osana! Get creative! Have fun!

*rules are subject to change. Please revisit this post to learn about updates to the contest. Winner must have valid address within the United States.


Win a year supply of Osana




Should we Eradicate Mosquitos from the Face of the Earth?

Should we Eradicate Mosquitos from the Face of the Earth? What seems like an obvious answer to many might not be as easy as it sounds.

So, for some, a mosquito's life is about surviving and making more mosquitoes and in the process, Humans suffer the most from diseases like malaria, dengue fever and most recently, zika. Mosquitoes have been spreading diseases for centuries, leading to the deaths of over half-million people each year. That's huge! So many argue for and fall under the pro argument for eradicating mosquitoes as it would indefinitely save millions of Human lives each year.

However, looking at it from the con perspective, many in the animal kingdom eat mosquitoes as their food source. So, we do not know what would happen if we took away this food source from the birds, fish and insects. And the more we look into it, a lot of other animals, depend on mosquitoes as one of their main food sources. Take for instance the dragonfly (Earth’s only flying mammal!), they are ravenous eaters of adult mosquitoes. Would taking away that food source affect the way dragonflies go about their daily lives? We don't know if they would adapt or be affected in some negative way.

So what it boils down to is that most advocates for the eradication of mosquitoes argue that our ecosystem won't even notice if there were no more mosquitos. However, on the other side, most scientists aren't so sure there wouldn't be any aftereffect on the ecosystem. Because you know, science is about trial and error and it's hard to test this theory in a closed environment, unless we had another Earth to test in in and the last time we checked, there's only one Earth!

Osana Soap

Osana Sale! Black Friday through Cyber Monday + Giving Tuesday!


We're excited to let you know about our upcoming sale starting at the end of Thanksgiving week.

Get all products in the Osana store for 25% off, including subscriptions!

The sale will run from Black Friday through Cyber Monday! So don't forget to come and grab all your Osana soap and gear for the winter travel season or just for everyday use around your home.



Black Friday - Cyber Monday Sale


With subscriptions included in this sale, you will be able to sign up and receive a discount on your subscription as long as it remains active. This gives you the chance to help end preventable deaths all year round while using an everyday product. Sign up for a monthly or quarterly subscription.


Giving Tuesday


We are really excited about Giving Tuesday! For every package or subscription sold on GIVING TUESDAY, Osana will be donating 5 bars of soap on your behalf to those that face mosquito-borne and sanitation-based illnesses. The donation only applies to the first package of soap when a subscription is purchased. We look forward to partnering with you to donate a ton of soap on Giving Tuesday!

Don't forget to mark your calendar and grab some soap sometime between Black Friday and Giving Tuesday! If you are willing, please share and tell friends and family about the soap so that we can help eliminate preventable deaths caused by mosquito-borne and sanitation-based illnesses via our partners in Uganda, Ghana, Haiti and around the world.

We can't do it without you!

The Osana Team


Can We Defeat Malaria Once and for All?


Most people in the US have heard of malaria, however most people do not know how deadly it really is (or how preventable it is).

According to The World Health Organization, "Malaria is caused by parasites that are transmitted to people through the bites of infected female Anopheles mosquitoes. P. falciparum is the most prevalent malaria parasite in Africa and responsible for most malaria deaths globally. P. vivax is the dominant parasite outside of sub-Saharan Africa."

Take a look at the graphic below for some eye opening statistics:

osana solves malaria problem

Although these stats are indeed depressing, according to WHO, we can easily defeat malaria.

Osana is determined to help fight and prevent diseases spread through mosquitos. The problem is real. The solution is here.

With our All-Natural Mosquito repellent Soap, you can protect yourself and others. By purchasing a package of Osana, we will personally donate one bar of soap to those in need on your behalf.

It's a win-win. Together, we are helping people around the world protect themselves and defeat malaria.

For more information, check out The Problem.

Osana Subscriptions Banner

All Natural and Non-Toxic Soap

Osana Now Offers Subscriptions!

We're making it easier than ever to stay clean and keep those mosquitos away with our All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Soap.
Osana is now offering you the chance to help people around the world in need of protection from malaria, zika and dengue, ALL YEAR AROUND.

Introducing Osana Subscriptions!

By signing up for a subscription, you save $5 on each package and will receive a package of Osana every month or quarter (whichever you choose). The best part is, you are then directly responsible for donating a bar of soap to someone in need with every delivery! How cool is that?

osana all-natural mosquito soap delivered door subscriptions

[button link="" color="silver"]Grab Your Subscription Now![/button]

And don't forget! Every time you receive your subscription that is another opportunity to tell someone new about the story. You can pass out your pay it forward bar and make a difference in the fight to help eliminate preventable deaths.
Osana Subscriptions Banner

Social Media Sharing smart phone

How Sharing On Social Media Helps

Have you or someone you know used Osana and had a great experience? Are you on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter?

Did you know that when you purchase a package of Osana, we donate one full-sized bar of soap on your behalf to people and communities battling mosquito-borne illnesses?

When you share your experience in a photo (or an emoticon!) on social media, you are not only helping spread the word about Osana, but more importantly so, you're helping promote the donation of soap to those in need in areas where diseases and viruses like malaria, dengue fever and zika virus are a huge problem.

So, sharing IS caring! Also, don't forget to mention @osanabar in your posts!

How Sharing On Social Media Helps

If social media isn't your thing, Here are some other ways you can help share Osana with the world:

We here at Osana believe that large problems can be overcome with simple solutions and people working together. We see it as our responsibility to help solve this need around the world and with your help, we believe we can do it! Thank You!


Are these Health Alerts in your Vacationing Area?

Autumn has finally arrived, and we could not be more excited! With the cooler months rolling in, and the upcoming holiday season upon us, we know that winter travel vacations are right around the corner too.

Whether you’re vacationing here in the United States or traveling abroad, we want to be sure everyone is keeping up-to-date with the latest health alerts in your vacationing area. As we all know, it is so important to educate yourself before a trip to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and well-informed.

Below are just a few resources you can utilize to check whether your vacation destination is experiencing any health threats:

First, there is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Health Alert Network (HAN). And, while you’re on the CDC website make sure you check out their incredible emergency preparedness page. They share all types of valuable knowledge: how to make an emergency kit, how to make emergency plans, and (this may be our favorite part) how to get in contact with your local emergency agency in the U.S. If that’s still not enough preparation info, feel free to visit this page that has categorized preparedness by specific types of emergencies.

Our absolute favorite resource though, by far, is the CDC’s Travel section. It is incredibly simple: you type in where you will be traveling to, select what type of traveler you are, and presto! You have a very thorough account of all the health information about that region, including a suggested travel packing list, potential vaccines you may need, current health notices in effect, and more!

If you find a health alert involving mosquitos where you'll be vacationing, you'll want to grab some Osana Mosquito Repellent Soap for the win!

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder Sponsorship

Tough Mudder Sponsorship

Here at Osana we are thrilled to announce we have partnered with Health 2 Humanity to co-sponsor the Tough Mudder organization.

The Tough Mudder is a grueling, yet incredibly fun 10-12 mile run filled with mud, obstacles, and wonderful camaraderie. There is no official winner or clock to race against; there’s just you, your soon-to-be closest friends, and a lot of mud. The Tough Mudder is “for anyone who has ever followed their gut, tried to defy gravity, chosen ‘dare’ over ‘truth,’ taken risks, sought thrills, or is generally awesome at life.”

With over 200 events since 2010 in over 6 countries, the Tough Mudder organization has hosted 2.5 million participants and raised $10 million for charity.

That’s right, folks! If the obstacle-course run itself wasn’t enough to get your blood pumping, the Tough Mudder organization also offers you the opportunity to use your run to fundraise for a cause. You can elect to support one of the Tough Mudder’s official charity partners, or you can run for free by raising money for a nonprofit in one of their charity families, like H2H+Osana for example.

It’s pretty obvious now why we, along with Health 2 Humanity, chose to be a part of this incredible event. Not only do they promote getting active outdoors and getting nice and filthy the old-fashioned way, they also promote giving back, which is why we love this organization.

Osana, as you know, is dedicated to producing all-natural, mosquito repelling soap for all who enjoy the great outdoors yet despise the biting pests (like mosquitoes!) that come along with it. Along with Health 2 Humanity, we are passionate about giving back, which is why when you purchase a package of Osana, we will donate one full-sized bar of soap on your behalf to people and communities battling mosquito-borne illnesses, including malaria, dengue, zika and more as well as sanitation-based diseases that cause millions of preventable deaths annually.

So it’s really no surprise why we are thrilled to sponsor the Tough Mudder in all its filthy, muddy glory.

In addition to co-sponsoring the Tough Mudder, the Osana team will also be attending select events to hand out bars of soap to participants after the race, so they can be squeaky clean in no time.

And if you are now itching to join this event, you can register at Or if you want to watch the muddy race from a safe distance, you can find a Tough Mudder event close to you.