1186107_10201230004524525_281986714_nOne of the main goals of Osana is to be highly involved with the people we send our bars to. This is why we offer the “track your soap” option for anyone who donates bars or buys an extra mile pack. There is just something about actually seeing and being connected to the person you are desiring to help.

Osana is about action, accountability, and finding solutions to help other nations without hurting them. This is why we love to connect with organizations that already have roots in the communities we send the soap to. This allows for personal distribution as well as education about malaria prevention.

Recently, Osana partnered with Lot2545 and Hour of Grace Orphanage. Courtney Morrow, an amazing volunteer involved with both of these organizations, was able to take all 520 bars down with her and personally give them to those that were in desperate need.

Osana would like to send our most sincere gratitude to Courtney for gathering and distributing Osana to Uganda and Ghana. Courtney was kind enough to provide a video of the beautiful children receiving Osana.