Do Not Get Eaten Alive - Osana Mosquito Repellent Soap


Does it make me smell funny?

Not at all! We only use natural ingredients to repel mosquitoes, so it leaves you feeling fresh and clean!


Will people buy in colder months?

Yes! People are more concerned about mosquitos when traveling overseas, so we see healthy sales during winter months for people traveling.


Does it really work?

Absolutely! Our active and natural ingredients are scientifically proven to repel mosquitoes. We have verified customer product reviews from all over the world stating its effectiveness!


Getting People Outside Again

We frequently hear from customers that Osana frees them from being stuck indoors and gets them outside again. For them, having an all-natural and safe daily-use option is life-changing! Osana frees people for their next adventure!

Customers are more aware than ever about what goes into their products

All-natural, non-toxic, and kid-friendly are daily terms used by the average customer.

Retailers that carry products that are all-natural and environmentally friendly are perceived as caring, positive, and just better.

Osana Soap Splash

Retailer Details Optimal Shelf Space:

  • At checkout counter / kiosks, with insect repellents, and with all-natural soaps
  • Sales Trends: Spring, Summer, and Fall months show greater sales velocity. However, sales stay strong during winter months due to customers who live in warmer climates as well as those traveling abroad.
  • Product Liability Insurance
  • Quality Product Photography & Video
  • UPC: 860575002607 (Individual 100-gram Bar)

Target Market

  • Outdoor active lifestyle men/women
  • International travelers
  • Natural Lifestyle & Health Foods customers
  • Health conscious moms desiring natural non-chemical based products for children

Aggressive National Marketing

  • National Digital Advertising Campaigns
  • Regional Grassroots Marketing
  • Cause-based Company

By the Numbers

Repeat Sales: 13%

Conversion Rate: 0.85%

Monthly Views: 18,000

Avg. Retailer Margin: 56%

Price Comparison by Volume

Osana Bar: $7.99

All Natural Soap: $4.99

Bug Repellent: $9.99

Osana Sleeve Retail Packaging