Return Policy

Out return policy is fairy simple. If there is an issue with your Osana Mosquito Repellent soap we would first like the opportunity to make things right. Please contact us using our handy dandy contact form and let us know what the issues is and we will work with you closely do make it right.


The soap does not work, can I return it?

Osana Bar is both a natural cleansing soap and mosquito repellent.  We would love to guarantee the effectiveness of the repellent, due to different environments, body types, diets and other circumstances we are unable to do so. However, we have found that the vast majority of people have had a really great and effective experience with the soap we would love for you to read all about them on our testimonials page or read through our reviews on However if the soap itself has some defect and is not working as a natural cleansing soap we would be happy to find a suitable refund for any issue with the soap.

I still want to return my soap.

If we cannot amend the issue, we will pursue a return and refund 100% of your purchase. Below are details on the situations we would do this in.

The criteria for returns with 100% refund are as follows:

  • The soap must be unopened (required)
  • The soap must be in sellable condition (required)
  • Your soap has been purchased within the last 90 days  (required)
  • You received something other than what you ordered
  • Your soap was past the expiration date

If you have opened the soap or have a different issue and feel as though it warrants a refund please fill out our contact form so that we can do our best to make it right. Again, the soap not working, is simply not valid criteria for return due to the many variables impact its effectiveness.

Who pays for shipping on returns?

Osana is happy to pay for the shipping and will include it within your refund if your soap has been damaged, is past expiration, of you have received the wrong package or something other than what you ordered. However, please do connect with us as we would much rather work with you to come up with the most cost effective solution possible as we know that shipping can be costly.


If you have simply ordered the wrong thing or just simply changed your mind about the purchase then we would ask that you connect with us via our contact form, choose the “Return/Refund” and fill us in on the details of your return and make sure your soap meets the criteria for return mentioned above. Upon receiving your returned shipment we will look it over to be sure it passed the restocking criteria and then issue you a refund NOT including the original shipping costs.

Tell Us About Your Experience

We want to hear about your experiences whether they have been great or not so great. If for some reason you have not had a good experience or the soap just did not work we would love to hear about it. The more information we can collect the more we can learn how to improve the soap as well as understand the conditions and circumstances that provide the best experience for our customers. We will be able to pass on tips, tricks and learnings to current and future customers as well as how to help the partners we are sending soap to for donations and malaria prevention to be more effective. The more information you can provide about where you were, what you eating and drinking, the climate, the environment, etc. will help in determining how we can improve the soap and instructions on how to use it most effectively.



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