About Us

Osana is a Never Settle project working to prevent malaria and sanitation based deaths. For every 4 bars of Osana natural mosquito repellent soap sold, Osana donates one bar to a group of people at risk of malaria or sanitation based illnesses – both of which Osana helps prevent.

The continent of Africa has more malaria and sanitation based deaths than any other continent in the world. It is from that very place of the world that Osana gets its name. In many African dialects and languages, Osana means Hosanna, or more appropriately “save now”, “save, please” or “save us”.

Osana is so much more than soap. It is a dream, a vision, and a desire to see lives changed all over the world. Osana is about bringing awareness to the millions of children who die every year from preventable disease. It is about spreading awareness, prevention, and solutions to parts of the world that are suffering from preventable causes.

We recognize that it’s going to take a lot more than just soap to fix the problem but we’re committed to partnering with other companies and products, groups, and individuals who are committed to the same goal.

We’re a local company with a global vision and we know that’s impossible without your support and were deeply grateful for every customer, partner, and advocate.

For more information about how to get bars donated to your organization or group please go here.

For questions, feedback, or just wanting to drop a line, please contact us here.


The Osana Team

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