Yes! We do ship internationally, however, shipping can be expensive and costs anywhere from $25-$35 USD for our standard package (3 bars + 1 travel bar). If you are still interested please email with your address and the products and quantities you would like to order. We will then send you an option to pay. Once payment is received we will ship your order!

You could certainly shower the night before and still have protection the following day. Because you are showering with it and the soap gets into your pores, with multiple and consecutive uses the efficacy should last around 24 hours whether showers take place in the morning or in the evening.

We haven’t had any reports of Osana irritating skin, but if you have sensitive skin or are allergic to any ingredients listed in our soap, please take caution and either test a small area or refrain from using the product.

The expiration date is required because of the active ingredients (Citronella Oil & Cornmint Oil). However, the effectiveness of the product doesn’t ever “expire.” So, after the expiration date, the soap will be no less effective than it was when you purchased it. We make new bars every year, so once we get within a year’s expiration we’re always making new soap so that new customers have a different expiration date than previous customers.