One of the projects that Healing Faith is involved in is called nickles for nets. Malaria is a huge issue in Uganda. Many people and children that Healing Faith reaches are suffering from malaria and need treatment. Like Osana sending all natural mosquito repellent to countries, Healing Faith believes in the power of prevention, and mosquito nets make a huge difference.

Nickles for Nets:

abbyNickels for Nets was founded by Abby Stark as a community service project she was doing as Miss Texas Jr. Pre-Teen. She wanted to help her friends, the Segner family, founders of Healing Faith, in their mission to provide mosquito nets for families in Uganda to prevent the spread of Malaria.

You can join Nickels for Nets as they raise funds to partner with Healing Faith in their fight against Malaria too! Nickels for Nets encourages kids (of all ages) to do chores or collect change around the house in order to earn $5 – which pays for a mosquito net for a child in Uganda through the ministry of Healing Faith!

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