osana bar mosquito repellent soap road trip

No one ever plans for an emergency to happen, but are grateful they have the right supplies when they do. Especially in the dead of winter, you never know when a break down situation may come along. Simpy having a few items already stocked in the car can literally be life saving.

Creating a small bag with the following items will set you up for success and ease your mind if trouble comes along.

Year-Round Items:

  1. Money or Credit Card. Keeping extra money will allow you to pay for unexpected charges: food, hotel, some way to pay for roadside assistance.
  2. Spare Tire. Before every road trip, check your spare tire to make sure it’s properly inflated.
  3. Soap: To wash your hands after repairs or before to eat. Use anti mosquito soap for a dual purpose item!
  4. Tools. Carrying a small toolbox, containing items like screwdrivers, duct tape, Allen wrenches and a hammer will help you repair not only your car but other vacation-related items.
  5. Flashlight. This can be used to signal for help, and provide light for night repairs.
  6. Water. It is great to have a 24-hour period supply of water, plus extra for your radiator.
  7. Emergency Contact List. If your cell phone dies, it is great to have important numbers still on hand.
  8. First Aid Kit. You can purchase a pre-packaged kit or create one from supplies you have at home. Or learn how to make one here.
  9. Food. Bring along nonperishable items such as beef jerky and granola bars. If you’re traveling a long distance in a remote area, also bring canned food items and a hand-cranked can opener.
  10. Matches. Matches are great to start a fire, or light a candle or lantern.
  11. Comfortable Walking Shoes. If you have to leave your vehicle, it’s better to do so in shoes that can go for miles.
  12. Pen and Paper. If you need to leave a note on your windshield or give information to someone, you’ll be glad you brought a pen and paper along.
  13. Jumper Cables. You can use these to jump start your car or to help someone else that you come across.

Winter Items:

Blankets. Bring a couple of warm blankets along in case you break down in freezing weather.

Sand:  If you get stuck in snow or ice, sand can improve the car’s traction and help you drive forward. Spread in front of the wheel that slips.

Shovel. Use this to dig your car out.

Warm Clothing: Don’t ever leave home without a warm jacket, hat and gloves.