osana woman mountains field natual mosquito repellent soap

It’s easy to think about using a natural mosquito repellent soap when you’re packing the tents and sleeping bags into the car for a weekend camping trip. Indeed, such soaps are a great amenity on such wilderness excursions. Not only are they long lasting, but they also have the power to withstand sweat and rain – two things that can significantly compromise other forms of insect repellents.

However, naturally repelling soaps aren’t designed solely to be used for woodland adventures. They certainly do repel mosquitoes on the Appalachian and Pacific Crest trails, or in the woods out behind the house. But they also repel mosquitoes in the garden, on the urban bike path, in the city park. The applications for such a soap are endless, and applying an insect repellent has never been so easy and painless.

Here is a list of 6 activities that can be improved with a mosquito repelling soap:

  1. House/Yard Work: Have you ever been working around the house, garage, or yard at dusk or dawn? The mosquitoes can be absolutely relentless, and all you’re trying to do is finish painting that fence, or weeding the vegetable garden, or mowing the lawn.
  2. Golf / Disc Golf: We all end up in pretty thick into the brush at some point. Just think, the next time you hit a wicked slice off the tee, or throw a nasty Anny right into that obnoxious tree line, maybe you won’t be some happy mosquitoes biggest meal of the day.
  3. Fishing: Be it river fishing or lake fishing, those mosquitoes are bound to be a problem some time. Keep both hands on the reel, and off the back of your neck and calves.
  4. Leisurely Walks/Bike Rides:  It’s the same as with the yard work: dusk and dawn are danger zones when it comes to mosquito feeding activity. Unfortunately, those can also be beautiful times to observe the skyline from your favorite path, sidewalk, or trail.
  5. Grilling: Another common occasion to be outdoors at the optimal mosquito biting time – sunset. Burn a few less citronella candles while you’re preparing the meal, and instead light those Tiki Torches when your friends arrive.
  6. Movies/Jazz in the Park: When the blankets cover the grass almost entirely, chances are you’re going to be in pretty close proximity to some other families. You might not want to risk that mosquito spray when there is a chance that it could be caught in the wind and end up in an unsuspecting eye.

Pick up some Osana today and always have it on hand for fun, travel, or even daily use!