Hour of Grace Orphanage  is an organization that cares for of over 40 orphans in Ghana. Courtney Morrow is a beautiful volunteer that travels to Ghana to serve this organization often. She has many stories and experiences as a result of her time in this area. We are so grateful she is willing to share her stories and pictures with us to raise awareness for these precious children. Below you get an idea of where and who Osana is going to. Click here if you would like to donate a bar of soap to Hour of Grace today!

Ghana kids playing in poolMeet Jeffrey the giraffe. They didn’t even need water for their pool, and they stayed in it for hours. The smallest things make them so happy.




Screen Shot 2014-09-07 at 1.38.29 PMAbigail, Priscilla, and Sandra. These beautiful little divas work so hard helping with cooking, bathing the younger children, and hand-washing clothes. When I tried to wash my own, they said, “Madame Courtney, please! Let me help, you are so slow!” What it took me an hour to wash, took them about 10 minutes.



GrandmaThis is Grandma. She cooks, cleans, and takes care of all 40 children at Hour of Grace. She sleeps on the floor with the little ones and is probably bitten by just as many mosquitos.




Tsu Tsu in hospital“Right around the time their bus driver died of malaria, almost all 40 kids tested positive for it. We got meds for everyone else, but Tsu Tsu (first photo) and Medium Gideon (second photo) needed to go to the hospital it was so bad for them.



Medium Gideon in hostpitalThe doctors said had they gone untreated for one more week, they probably would have died. As ill as they were in the hospital for four days, they were still a bundle of fun the whole time. They don’t receive the medical treatment they deserve. With the new mosquito nets I got them and this soap could prevent the malaria.”