Built in Colorado has taken an interest in Osana. As Osana has been newly acquired by technology company Never Settle, it has been amazing to see the uniqueness and thought processes that have molded Osana into what is has become today. Leveraging technology to raise awareness, and help poverty stricken countries all over the world continues to be the main mission here at Osana.

Meanwhile, co-founder Kenn Kelly plans to ramp up Osana’s work providing soap to those in countries stricken with poverty and disease. “We have a lot more resources available to us under the Never Settle umbrella,” said Kelly, “which will ultimately help us sell more soap, and more importantly provide more natural mosquito repellent to those around the world suffering from preventable deaths.” Since the merger, Osana’s products have become available on Amazon, greatly streamlining its process.

Big thanks to Built in Colorado for the article, Never Settle launches online marketplace for developers and getting involved with what is only the beginning of Osana!