Tsu Tsu in hospitalThe mission of Osana is to bring light, awareness, and help to countries around the world. Our goal is to partner with organizations that already have roots, like Hour of Grace Orphanage,  in these places, and support them in any way possible. It is our privilege to introduce two incredible organizations that are saving lives each and every day. Lot2545 and Hour of Grace Orphanage. For the next month, any extra bars donated will be going directly to these organizations. Our goal is 100 bars, and YOU can be apart in sending them to these children directly.
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Hour of Grace Orphanage

Hour of Grace Orphanage is located in Ghana and shelters over forty orphans. Because of the location and limited resources, many of the children end up with malaria. Courtney Morrow is a beautiful volunteer that travels to Ghana to serve this organization often. She has many stories and experiences as a result of her time in this area. We are so grateful she is willing to share her stories and pictures with us to raise awareness for these precious children.

GrandmaThis picture is of “Grandma”.  She cooks, cleans, and takes care of all 40 children at Hour of Grace. She sleeps on the floor with the little ones and is it also bitten by just as many mosquitos.

Below is one of the stores of how malaria has impacted the children in the Orphanage.

“Right around the time their bus driver died of malaria, almost all 40 kids tested positive for it. We got meds for everyone else, but Tsu Tsu (first photo) and Medium Gideon (second photo) needed to go to the hospital it was so bad for them. The doctors said had they gone untreated for one more week, they probably would have died. As ill as they were in the hospital for four days, they were still a bundle of fun the whole time. They don’t receive the medical treatment they deserve. With the new mosquito nets I got them and this soap could prevent the malaria.”

It is our goal to raise awareness about Orphanages like this, provide them with resources, and support them in any way possible.