Kivulu boysThe mission of Osana is to bring light, awareness, and help to countries around the world. Our goal is to partner with organizations, like Lot2545,  that already have roots in these places, and support them in any way possible.

It is our privilege to introduce two incredible organizations that are saving lives each and every day. Lot2545 and Hour of Grace Orphanage. For the next month, any extra bars donated will be going directly to these organizations.

Our goal is 100 bars, and YOU can be apart in sending them to these children directly.

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Lot2545 in Uganda

It is estimated that there are over 10,000 children living on the streets in Uganda. Lot2545 is a non profit organization that provides  food and shelter, clothes, school, weekly counseling, and medical care to the young boys in particular coming off the streets.

This organization explains,

“In Uganda, being a street kid is one of the worst things anyone could be. No one wants them around and they are treated worse than trash. They are frequently beaten and abused by almost everyone, including the police, simply because they are on the streets. They are regarded as disposable and people prefer to deal with them in extremes; pretend they do not exist or beat them to death.”


“While on the streets, the boys are abused daily by community members, the police, and boys that are bigger than them. They do not have a safe place to sleep, and often go hungry. In order to survive, they must wake up very early in the morning to begin a daily struggle of searching for scrap metal or plastic to sell.”


“While living on the streets, the boys do not have access to clean water and as a result are constantly getting sick with Typhoid Fever. Since they don’t sleep with a mosquito net, they are always getting malaria. “

Lot2545 is a light of hope in a dark situation. They provide the boys with Native Ugandan staff members who can help understand each boy’s unique emotional needs.

The need is great and the workers are few, there are still many boys that need sponsors and all donations go strait into keeping these boys in a safe environment, off the streets.

To learn more about this organization check out Lot2545 here.