Courtney Morrow is a beautiful volunteer for Lot2545 that travels to Uganda to serve this organization often. She has many stories and experiences as a result of her time with these wonderful street kids. We are so grateful she is willing to share her stories and pictures with us to raise awareness.


lot2545Lot2545 was created by Amanda, an American woman who has taken more than 20 boys off the street into her home. She travels to the slums three times a week to minister to the boys who are still homeless due to abuse or kidnappings and various other reasons.

Boys of Lot2545

Below are some of the boys that Lot2545 has taken in and is currently providing school, food, shelter, and so much more for each one.

Above is David; he’s 15 years old. He started living on the streets at the age of 7. In Uganda, it is likely that the few years he lived at home, he didn’t receive much love and attention from men in his family. It is unusual to see men spending time with and taking care of their children. That’s a mother’s job. As long as he went without anyone to love and take care of him, he still finds it in his heart to break that cycle and love on these kids.

Richard teachingThis is Richard; he’s 14 years old. He goes back to the slums about three times a week to spend time with kids he might have lived with while on the streets and kids he may never have even met before. He teaches them guitar, plays soccer with the boys, shares The Word with them, helps hand out food. There isn’t one moment he looks down on them just because he has a home with a Mzungu (white person) now, and the love he shares is almost unbelievable.


Kivulu boysThese boys wake up early three times a week. Bathe and wash their clothes (with no soap) in the community drain, leave the drugs behind, and make it to the meeting place for the program. They play soccer and pray and pay attention to the message for the day. They put in the effort they can and are beyond appreciative for just one meal. The ones who show promise get help to go back home or to school when the program director has the extra money. The soap could eliminate so many problems for them. This is also where David, Richard, and the rest of Amanda’s boys come from.