Osana Mosquito Repellent Standard Bar

  1. What will I smell like?

  2. Osana has a very pleasant, mild smell of of lemongrass essential oil.

  3. Will it dry out my skin?

  4. Osana is full of soothing ingredients that nourish the skin like coconut oil and other essential oils.

  5. How is this different than a normal bar of soap?

  6. Osana can be used in place of a normal bar of soap. It cleanses and deodorizes the body just as a traditional bar of soap.

  7. How long will a bar last?

  8. One person using Osana everyday will usually last 2 months.

  9. Can I use this on my face?

  10. Osana is safe for the entire body, however using any type of soap on your face tends to be very drying.

  11. Is Osana safe to use on children?

  12. Absolutely! Osana is safe to use on children because all ingredients are all natural, non toxic.

Osana Bar