Ever wonder What to Keep in Your First Aid Kit? Creating a first aide kit for your home or traveling can be extremely useful and life changing when unpredictable times come along. In this kit include the kinds of items you would need for dealing with minor cuts, scrapes, and bruises; first-degree burns, sunburns, and allergic reactions.

What to Keep in Your First Aide Kit

  • Band-aids of different shapes and sizes.
  • Gauze
  • Medical tape for securing bandages.
  • Instant hot and cold packs for relief from sprains and bruises. The kind that you shake to start a chemical reaction that produces cold and heat are the best.
  • Athletic wrap for wrapping sprained ankles and holding cold or hot packs in place.
  • Scissors and tweezers: For removing splinters, and scissors are the best tool for cutting bandages and cutting away clothing from a wound.
  • Safety pins in assorted sizes
  • Duct tape: Duct tape is useful for making splints, is stiff enough to stabilize slings and won’t lose its adhesive ability if it gets wet.
  • Cotton balls and cotton-tipped swabs
  • Disposable latex or synthetic gloves, at least two pair
  • All natural non toxic soap. 


  • Activated charcoal
  • Aloe vera gel: burns and blisters.
  • Epsom Salt: Good as a bath soak for sore muscles. Dissolved in water, it can also be a good soak to help remove splinters.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Hydrogen Peroxide-  for cleaning out wounds, it can help prevent ear infection and shorten duration of respiratory illness. At the first sign of ear infection or illness a dropperful of Hydrogen PEroxide can be put in the ear. The person then leaves the peroxide in for 15 minutes or until it stops bubbling and repeats on the other side.
  • Baking Soda Also a good natural remedy to keep on hand. For severe heartburn or urinary tract infections, 1/4 tsp can be taken internally to help alleviate quickly. It can also be made into a poultice and used on spider bites.
  • Coconut Oil- keep some in the first aid kit to add remedies to to take internally, to use to apply tinctures and help absorption externally and for dry skin and chapped lips. There is also growing evidence that daily consumption of 1/4 cup or more of coconut oil can help protect against Alzheimer’s and nourish the thyroid.

Items for Emergencies

  • Flashlight with backup batteries.
  • Road flares for signaling an emergency, especially if you intend to keep your first aid kid in the car.
  • Water purification tablets are crucial if you are stranded and do not have access to potable water.
  • Blankets: Lightweight, waterproof, and very warm. They are the best protection from the elements in cold weather.
  • Candles and matches