Wash Off - Wax On! A Ninja's Guide to Hiding from Mosquitoes!

Did you know that mosquitoes can smell you from up to 200 feet away? They detect the carbon dioxide that we breathe out, then make their way to us. Your body is covered in bacteria, hormones, and odors that mosquitoes love. A recent study even showed that some mosquito species have genetically adapted to smell and bite humans! Mosquitoes in South America that carry the Zika virus are drawn to the smells of the bacteria in ankles and feet. Below is a heat map from a study showing the diversity of bacteria on two specific individuals after not washing for 3 days (a man and a woman). The more red the area is, the more bacteria diversity exists in that area. Mosquitoes are attracted to the odors that come out of the interactions of these bacteria with your body’s sweat.

Heatmap of Bacteria on your body - repel mosquitoes by washing away attractants

While traditional bug spray’s scorched-earth-policy makes mosquito landing sites too toxic to land on, it doesn’t do anything to reduce the presence of bacteria or remove the odors that mosquitoes love. As you can see by the image above, there are bacteria all over your body. This is why mosquitoes keep buzzing around you looking for a place they can land! You are an attractive smorgasbord of scents. News flash: You missed a spot!

The best way to get rid of the buzz and bites is to wash off the odors AND replace them with safe and natural mosquito repellants. Finally you can hide in plain sight and keep mosquitoes in the dark! With Osana Soap this balanced method is the most scientifically effective technique for preventing mosquitoes from swarming around you.

This Christmas, a great dinner conversation piece is the question: “Which would you rather have at a backyard party: “One mosquito bite or one mosquito buzzing six inches from you for two hours?”

Is the buzz worse than the bite? Like the annoying sibling I’m-not-touching-you-game?

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