The number one goal of Osana is to help as many people as possible, in any way we can. At the moment, this looks like partnering with incredible organizations that are working in malaria stricken places, and donating our soap for them to distribute within the community.

Here in the States, we want to protect people from mosquitoes in an easy, non-toxic way as well as spread the word about the millions of people and children dying everyday from preventable diseases.

With that in mind, we are also very aware of the fact that sometimes helping is actually hurting. We want to contribute to the healing, growth, add development of communities rather than provide a quick solution with no lasting impact. This is why we have developed a three phase approach. This approach not only provides protection, it also provides job, and empowers the local economy.

Big Vision

Dramatically reduce and prevent malaria and sanitation based deaths around the world while empowering communities and creating jobs to support the local economy.

Phase 1: Immediate Relief

Provide immediate relief and prevention through our soap in villages in third world countries suffering from malaria and sanitation based illnesses. We do this by partnering with individuals that that already have established humanitarian and non profit organizations in poverty and malaria stricken places all over the world.

Phase 2: Education

Leverage the relationships we have built through the soap to provide education and educational material for self awareness and prevention. We are aware that prevention is key. It is our mission to provide communities with life saving information that they can apply and share with their family and friends.

Phase 3: Self Sustainability

Bring the manufacturing of the soap production into these villages to help promote economy and self sustainability. Simply donating soap is not enough. We need to empower communities and give them the resources they need to be self sustainable and successful in the long run. It is our goal to provide these resources that will create jobs, as well as malaria prevention tools.


If we simply sell and donate a massive amounts of soap but never attain phase two or three – we fail as a company. The trick is that the only way to get to two and three is through phase 1. We’re already actively working on creating a universal pictorial based educational info-graphic for malaria prevention and relief.