The Solution

Osana bar is a natural mosquito repellent soap that naturally protects your skin and repels mosquitoes. For every package sold, Osana donates one bar to those around the world at risk of malaria, dengue, and other mosquito-borne illnesses as well as sanitation-based illnesses.


The Osana Solution


By using Osana, you are not only helping those in need all around the world,  you are also preventing unwanted mosquito bites and protecting your body in a completely natural, non-toxic way.

Are you ready to be part of the solution, because the solution will take all of us working together? There are many ways to help, and using Osana soap is just one option. Osana soap is one simple way to fight this problem and help others in need. Some of the other options include…

  • Giving away the “Pay it Forward” travel bar included in every Osana package and sharing the story and the mission of Osana
  • Sharing photos and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter and mentioned us @osanabar in your posts! A share, like, etc. goes a long way
  • Write a review on or the website
  • Tell your friends and family
  • Become an Osana Advocate! Learn more about becoming an advocate!

We believe that large problems can be overcome with simple solutions and people working together.  We see it as our responsibility to help solve this need around the world and with your help, we believe we can do it!


How Sharing Helps

How Sharing On Social Media Helps