healing faithWe are more excited than ever to announce that Osana will now be sending donations bars to an incredible organization known as Healing Faith. We are honored to be connected with such amazing people that are truly changing the world. Like most places in Africa, the area that Healing Faith reaches is dramatically impacted by the deadly reality of malaria. They work with many children and families that are effected and suffering by providing medical care and education to the communities. Osana is looking forward to joining resources and partnering with Healing Faith to end malaria and save as many lives as possible.

What is Healing Faith:

Healing Faith is a ministry that seeks to provide healing physically, emotionally and spiritually to the people of Uganda. They provide physical healing through enabling those in need to get appropriate medical care and seeking to educate about malaria. They also hope to enable an emotional and spiritual healing by showing the love and grace of our Savior to the people of Uganda. Healing Faith wants to seek God’s will in their lives as they serve his children and people in Uganda.

Their Goal

The ultimate goal of Healing Faith is to share the good news of Jesus Christ. The first thing they want to do when entering into a new village is to establish a relationship with the people. If you have a foundation that is built upon relationship you will have long term effects. If you build a relationship that is built upon giving, when the giving ends, the relationship ends as well.

Short Term Goal

healing faith childThe short term goal of Healing Faith is to provide the rural villages with malaria education, prevention and treatment. Did you know that every 60 seconds a child in Africa dies from Malaria?  Uganda is one of six countries in Africa that accounts for 47% of all cases of malaria in all of Africa. Their goal is to educate the villagers about the causes and symptoms of malaria, to assist those in need who have malaria and most of all equip the villages to be self sustaining in the fight against malaria. Education is empowerment, they want to empower the villagers to help themselves in the fight against malaria. Their goal is to educate every household in the village and to provide mosquito nets for every household. Something as simple as a properly utilized mosquito net can mean the difference between life and death.

They will work alongside established ministries in the area to help provide malaria education to the villages and people they have established relationships with.  While providing malaria prevention they want to share the good news of God’s grace and love for his people. They want to show them they are loved, not forgotten, and that God has a plan for their lives.

Long Term Goal

In addition to the malaria education and prevention , all ministries and programs through Healing Faith will be with the purpose of giving Ugandans long term sustainability. They don’t want to merely put a band- aid on the problem, but heal the issue through faith based programs aimed at giving a hope and future to the people of Uganda.

There is such a great need in Uganda that it is hard not to want to start a million projects to help the children and people here. The bottom line for Healing Faith will be to pray daily for patience, clarity and wisdom in knowing God’s direction and future for the ministry.