africa-mom-and-child2Malaria is a global problem that needs global awareness. There are a few Top Malaria Prevention Organizations that are truly making a difference. Sometimes this awareness can be difficult considering all of the places in the world this issue needs to be brought to. This is where celebrities can come in handy. There are many out there today that are fighting to end malaria by partnering with  Top Malaria Prevention Organizations, and encouraging other to do the same.

One children dies each minute from malaria. Celebrities like Anderson Cooper, Bill Gates, Kim Kardashian, Larry King, Alyssa Milano, Jason Mraz, Shaq, Ryan Seacrest, Jordin Sparks, and Pete Wentz, have partnered together to change that statistic. Each person has taken an online platform, such as Twitter and Facebook, to encourage social action each month for the next year.

These influential people have also partnered with trusted organizations to spread awareness around the world. Click the organization names below to learn how you can get involved!

Osana is honored to be connecting with these organizations- providing all natural mosquito repellent soap to prevent malaria.

Top Malaria Prevention Organizations

The organizations below are all raising awareness and providing mosquito nets to African communities, and looking for people to get involved.

The Malaria Progress mission
The Global Fund
Nothing But Nets 
Malaria No More