This last February (2015), Principle Eric Sackler and his staff from Charles O’Dewey Middle School took 25 students from Brooklyn to the Amazon river Basin. Their mission is “Inspiring young minds today. Empowering leaders for tomorrow.”

In researching mosquito protection, they came upon Osana and decided to give it a try and brought the soap along with them on their journey.


The staff and some of the students enjoyed using the Osana and left any unused soap for the people who run the the Wild Yarapa Amazon Jungle Lodge to use as well as the local villagers.

Eric Sackler, mentioned “the cause based side of Osana definitely made the product more attractive.  We are very much involved in service with Penny Harvest, various Cancer programs, in Peru we brought school supplies for two villages. So the idea of supporting public health and prevention of infectious diseases appealed to students and staff alike.  Using the product currently to see if it will help with New York and Long Island mosquitoes.”

Osana in the Amazon!
Osana in the Amazon!

It is our mission for Osana to get into the hands of any person or any part of the world in need of protection and sanitation, while at the same time spreading the message of malaria and how people can join together to end this epidemic.

Are you going on a trip? Consider bringing Osana all natural mosquito soap along with you along with you and be apart of our journey of seeing dark places all around the world transformed with hope and healing as outlined in our three part future plan.

We would love to hear from you to see where Osana may reach next!

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