photo-1433959352364-9314c5b6eb0bWater is making headlines, from flooding in Oklahoma to the draught in California. These are serious issues to consider. But there are other water-related issues that are worth considering, too, and though they may not be as close to home for some of us, they are close to our hearts. 783 million people in the world do not have access to clean water.

This concept may be hard for some of us to truly comprehend. For many of us, a glass of clean, purified water is just a few steps away. Some of us are always within an arm’s reach from a water bottle.

This is not the case in many regions of the Global South. In Africa, the average distance walked for water is 3.7 miles. Many women and children make the trip daily. Many of them carry heavy loads on their shoulders and heads. Here, we can get clean water from the tap in our kitchen. We can buy bottles of water at the supermarket, at the gas station. It’s served free in restaurants. It’s wasted every day.

Charities for Clean Water: If you’re in Texas, check out ReplenishReplenish is a non-profit organization that operates on the buy-one-give-one model. For every case of water you purchase, one child will receive clean drinking water for 3 years.

If you are in the UK, keep your eyes open for One water at Starbucks, Tesco, Holland & Barrett, and more!

Global Charities for Clean Water

Charity: Water offers several creative ways to create your own campaign, like shaving your head, hosting a book club, or throwing a party. You can also donate to their cause directly. Charity:Water offers some solid swag that allows you to advertise the cause while supporting it.

Water For People is an organization that is “in it for the long haul.” They are collaborating with some of the most brilliant and forward-thinking minds (and companies) around to end this crisis. Check out their 5-step action plan and find out how you can get involved!

Osana all natural mosquito soap is looking to partner with like minded organizations.  Do you know of other ways to get involved? Spread the word, let us know!



Water for the Ages