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We were fortunate to connect with Parkview Church located in Orland Park, IL. They reached out to us about a small team that was going to the Dominican Republic for a short term trip in a community called Tamboril. They were interested in travel sized bars for the team as well as some bars they could leave behind with one of the communities they served. Although, they purchased travel sized bars for their purposes we wanted to be sure to share what about what they are doing in the community.

Caitlin Courtney, our contact from Parkview Church, was fortunate to return to Tamboril for this trip and she sent back the following in regards to the soap…

“…the whole team used their soap while we were there. We did get bitten a little but I think we would have gotten eaten alive if we were not using the soap. Some people got more bites from tiny little noseeums than they did mosquitoes. I personally got bit a few times on my legs but other than that, I was fine!  People seemed to enjoy the scent of the soap and how it cleaned as well. We were filthy by the end of each day so good soap was a must!”

Osana in the Dominican Republic

We are excited about future partnerships with Parkview through what they are doing worldwide to help those less fortunate and approaching it in a way that most benefits the people, communities, and countries they serve long term. Caitlin also shares more about the trip they went on through an interview by GO Ministries. Watch that story here… MY GO STORY – CAITLIN COURTNEY

Osana goes to the Dominican Republic

Check back in the future to hear more about our relationship with Parkview as well as any future updates we receive about the soap that was left behind in Tamboril.


Osana Mosquito Repellent Soap

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