Poor sanitation and mosquito bites kill more than 1.8 million people each year! Mosquito Repellent Soap could make a huge difference. What is tragic is they are both easily preventable—the operative word there is “preventable”. That means that 1.8 million preventable deaths can be eliminated each year.

Osana addresses both problems, and that is where you come in and we need your help!

Mosquito Repellent Soap

Osana is an all-natural mosquito repellent soap that smells great and really works! Say goodbye to toxic bug sprays and go the all-natural way.

The best part is that every time you buy Osana to stay clean and keep those pesky mosquitos away, you’re helping others around the world eliminate preventable deaths caused by malaria, mosquito-borne and sanitation based illnesses.

For every package of Osana you purchase we donate a bar on your behalf to those in need around the world. But what’s even better, is that we’re not simply sending soap, but rather partnering with local communities with a dual strategy: providing immediate relief through the soap and, more importantly, spreading education about these deadly illnesses, as many are unaware of what is killing them.

Protect yourself the natural way and help others around the world do the same!

Large problems can be overcome with simple solutions.

Get clean and save lives! Join Osana in eliminating preventable deaths around the world!