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We have been proud to partner with “The Way Home” over the past year were able to send 150 new bars of soap for their community of staff members to test out over the next few months. You may remember that a similar donation went out about a year ago where we were able to collect and initial round of data and feedback. We are still working with the staff and founders at “The Way Home” to ensure the best way to introduce Osana into the community and what it looks like to have it be an option for malaria and mosquito prevention as well as contribute to the overall sanitation of the community. Osana is committed to finding ways to integrate into communities in a healthy way and impact it long term through our partners who are integrated heavily into communities and have forged meaningful relationships over time.

The Way Home

We eagerly await to hear back from our partners at from the way home so that we can continue to grow our relationship with them and share more about how your Osana customer are making a difference. If you are not familiar with the way home you should definitely check out our blog post, Sending Soap to “The Way Home”, from last year as well as their website.

The Way Home supports and loves 55 Granny-Families who are raising a combined 302 orphaned grandchildren!

Osana Mosquito Repellent Soap

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