FOX News Zika virus coverage is the best. Osana was recently interviewed on FOX 31 KDVR News to talk about the growing concerns with mosquito born illnesses, specifically Zika Virus, and how Osana is helping to fight these tragic issues around the world.

FOX News Zika

“The recent outbreak of the Zika virus has put mosquito-borne illnesses back in the spotlight, and one Colorado-based company is doing its part to be part of the solution.

Osana Bar is an all-natural mosquito repellent soap. Every time you buy a box, it donates a bar of soap to a country suffering from mosquito-borne illnesses.

“Osana’s whole mission is how do we prevent those preventable deaths,” co-founder Kenn Kelly said. “When you go to these villages and you see people suffering from things that are preventable that we don’t deal with in the U.S., it’s evident that we need to do something about it.”

The problem is global: 1.8 million people die every year because of malaria and sanitation-based illnesses.

“The big thing right now is Zika virus, but there’s West Nile, malaria, dengue. There are a ton of mosquito-borne illnesses and viruses,” Kelly said.

And Osana makes it easy for you to be a part of the solution.

“Someone buys a package of Osana and they’re buying three bars,” Kelly said. “The fourth bar represents the bar that we donated on their behalf.”

Check out the rest of the interview and video below!