After much thought and conversation, we determined that it was time to completely change the packaging of Osana. We were longing for a better way to communicate our mission, purpose, and story Athroughbout Osana’s new packaging while better serving those who purchase the soap and expanding Osana’s reach to the nations.

Why Osana has New Packaging

  1. We believe that new boxes can help change the world:

    We believe that malaria and sanitation based deaths are preventable and can be eradicated in this lifetime, saving millions of lives a year. The new boxes spread awareness about this issue and allow others to get involved. Awareness is the first step in our long term destination.

  2. Wanted to update the brand to closer represent the product and the all natural benefits of the soap.

    In addition to being on a mission, Osana truly is a quality all-natural, non toxic anti-mosquito soap that truly works. It is safe for children, the environment, and convenient to take camping, hiking, or simply daily washing to keep mosquitoes away.

  3. Wanted the product to be more appealing and marketable to other markets.

    We know that to make a large impact, we cannot do it alone. We are always looking to join with others willing to spread the message. By joining with others, it will allow us to gain more sales and, therefore, the chance to reach out to more folks.

  4. We want to tell the full story to customers at time of purchase

    The new boxes provide customers with Osana’s purpose, mission, story, and how their purchase is saving a life. We give this message in an interactive, appealing, and easy to understand presentation.

  5. We wanted to provide people with multiple options for immediate engagement in the battle to eliminate preventable death.

One of the main parts of Osana is developing an advocate team. The new packaging allows customers to be involved with little effort or spending extra money. We do this by providing a FREE BONUS BAR with every purchase! Our goal is to have customers give this bar away and tell the story of malaria and Osana. We also encourage customers to share their journey on social media.

New Packaging Details:

Osana will now be packaged in 1 box. In the box contains 3 regular size bars along with 1 travel size bar.
The new packaging also contains shocking facts about preventable deaths as well as amazing information about how to end malaria and sanitation based disease. It also contains testimonials about how buyers have used Osana and successfully avoided mosquito.

Same Donation and Giving Model

For every package purchased, you not only get a bonus travel sized bar, we also donate 1 full sized bar on your behalf to an individual greatly in need. Through your purchase you are not only protecting yourself in a completely non toxic way, you are also saving a life.