Here at Osana, we truly admire companies that use their resources to help serve others and use the Buy One Give One model. We believe that this could transform our world and even eliminate certain world issues we are currently dealing with. This is why we are so passionate about partnering with organizations that are making huge strides in ending malaria and sanitation based deaths. Osana’s resources and all natural mosquito soap donation bars go to support those organizations.

There is a great feeling associated with the giving of gifts to those you love. What better, then, to give a gift that gives twice?

Below are some companies that operate on the “Buy One Give One” model that are worth supporting this year.

3rd Life Threads:

For the scarf-loving individual in your life, consider 3rd Life Threads. Founded in Denver with the aim of providing scarves to the city’s homeless, 3rd Life Threads operates with a passion for helping others. Plus, each scarf is handmade “by real humans just like you.”

Synced Smiles:

Brush your teeth twice a day. Now, do it with true purpose. Synced Smiles manufactures clear, quality toothbrushes here in the U.S.A., but they distribute globally. In addition to offering the purchaser the choice of where the donated toothbrushes go, they also have a page dedicated to ideas for repurposing your old, worn out brushes.

Roma Boots:

Following in the footsteps of TOMS Shoes, from their flagship rain boot to flip-flops, and many styles in between, Roma is helping put rain boots on feet all over the world.

Blanket America: From throw pillows to Euro shams, bath towels to comforter sets, Blanket America is working hard to cover those in need both domestically and internationally through disaster relief efforts.

Baby Teresa:

Featuring 100% cotton apparel for babies, Baby Teresa has made donations in over 20 countries, a number that continues to grow. For all of the (literal) babies in (and about to be in) your life this holiday season.

Dog For Dog:

People may not be the only gift-receivers in your life this year. For that special dog, consider some DOGSBUTTER skin and coat formula, or a blueberry DOGSBAR. Of course, there is always the traditional bag of dog food, too, and even some for that beloved aging or overweight canine.