Are these Health Alerts in your Vacationing Area?

Autumn has finally arrived, and we could not be more excited! With the cooler months rolling in, and the upcoming holiday season upon us, we know that winter travel vacations are right around the corner too.

Whether you’re vacationing here in the United States or traveling abroad, we want to be sure everyone is keeping up-to-date with the latest health alerts in your vacationing area. As we all know, it is so important to educate yourself before a trip to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and well-informed.

Below are just a few resources you can utilize to check whether your vacation destination is experiencing any health threats:

First, there is the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Health Alert Network (HAN). And, while you’re on the CDC website make sure you check out their incredible emergency preparedness page. They share all types of valuable knowledge: how to make an emergency kit, how to make emergency plans, and (this may be our favorite part) how to get in contact with your local emergency agency in the U.S. If that’s still not enough preparation info, feel free to visit this page that has categorized preparedness by specific types of emergencies.

Our absolute favorite resource though, by far, is the CDC’s Travel section. It is incredibly simple: you type in where you will be traveling to, select what type of traveler you are, and presto! You have a very thorough account of all the health information about that region, including a suggested travel packing list, potential vaccines you may need, current health notices in effect, and more!

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