Here at Osana Bar we are stoked when people get their hands on the product try and out and discover truly how well the soap works. We have used it ourselves obviously but there are many others including family who have had the chance to use the soap and have come back with amazing feedback. Here are a few quotes from just a few Osana customers who found the soap to work well for them.

“I startyed using mine about to wks befor I left for Africa and I didnot get bitten once. Thanks” – Janis Williamson while traveling in Malawi


“I was out and noticed other walkers/runners batting at the mosquitoes… using the soap that morning I didn’t expect it to last over 12 hours later” – Janet Basile in Orlando, FL


“I used the Osana soap every night, and used no bug spray during my time in India… After 6 days of being in a malaria-mosquito infested region, I had my first bite, while my other nine teammates where covered in bites. (They were all using bug spray.)” – Tiffany Deines while traveling in India


“While my friends golf round seemed to be interrupted by the nagging bugs I fortunately did not experience a single bite.” – Kevin Tscholl (brother of partner David Tscholl & tough critic) while golfing in Pennsylvania


Be sure to share your experience with Osana or read the full testimonials to hear more of how Osana bar is making dealing with those pesky mosquitos just a little easier whether you are on a mission trip in India or Malawi or enjoying a round of gold in South Carolina.