Ever wonder ways to Improve your golf game? By now you have probably made it out on the course this spring a few times. If you are lucky you live in a place that taking a break from your golf game is not even a necessity. Whatever the case and seasonal effect weather may have on your game there is a chance that while on the course you have been affected by bugs in someway. There is now a way to pleasantly remove one of the distracting and more annoying pest that can impact your game. Although it won’t improve your game so much that you would be able to land a spot on the PGA tour, using Osana mosquito repellant soap gives0 you a chance to soak in the greens without the annoyance of these little critters using you as their snack tray. You won’t have to remember to bring your bug spray with it’s intruding smells and sticky feeling on your skin. By just showering and with Osana you will not only find yourself feeling fresh and clean but have the added benefit of pesky mosquitos not messing up the game winning put or ever important chip. Next time you’re planning on hitting the greens be sure to make sure you have been using Osana. Oh yeah, don’t forget that just by purchasing any Osana package you are helping kids and families all over the world have a chance to lower and possibly eliminate the risks associated with malaria. Interested in learning more? Read more about the problem.