africa-kids-raising-handsMosquitoes kill more humans than any other animal in the world. In fact, they kill over one million people in Africa every year, mostly young children. What do computer hackers have to do with this? It is obvious this is a dramatic issue that needs a great amount of attention and research to combat. Luckily, there are big name pioneers out that such as Bill Gates who are funding research initiatives to stop this deadly virus and save millions of lives around the world.

Bill gates is funding research that allows one type of every kind of scientists to come together and brainstorm solutions to end this epidemic. Everyone from professional computer hackers to engineers to chemical scientists. When you put so many brilliant minds together, the possibilities are endless.

Brainstorming for the Future with Computer Hackers

One of the solutions they are currently working on is developing lasers that can be set up around a village or house that will literally zap the mosquitoes before even entering into the area.

They are soon taking this idea into the field and implementing it around the United States first, and hopeful world wide. All of this work is being done at the Intellectuals Ventures Lab in Seattle where the team joins together and tries to take on some of the hardest problems humans have.

Although solutions such as this are still in the beginning stages, it does bring a new hope to solving malaria and saving millions of lives. People are starting to see if we put our brains and resources together, the major problems that are happening in this world can be solved.

Below is a video talking about the amazing and scary possibilities technology has the potential for and also explains this idea of laser protection from mosquitoes starting around minute 13 of the video.