by Ben O. on Osana Bar
Nice smelling!

I literally just got this today. I got the 4 pack. I live in Texas and the Mosquitoes here bite me to no end. They seem to target me more than others. Now honestly I don't know if it works but what I can tell you is that the bar is bigger than say your average Irish Spring soap and has a very neutral smell, which is a big plus. I just washed my hands, arms, and face with it to test it out as a soap. It lathers VERY well. Even better than the Irish Spring I had next to it and I felt very clean. I will update this to 5 stars once I can see that I won't get any bites. I'm impressed with what this company does to fight Malaria in poor countries, now hopefully the product works as described. It won't take long for me to find out.

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by Kathleen Stelzner on Osana Bar
YAY, no more bugs!

Anything that actually works, makes it so I don't have to use sticky insect repellent, is not overly priced and donates to a 3rd world country is great in my book.

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by Experienced Shopper on Osana Bar
5.0 out of 5 starsso good in South Florida

Works well on its own, gentle enough to use on face. So far, so good in South Florida, will test in south Western Australia in a couple of weeks (December/January here is their middle of summer). Bought this with the intention of using in Mexico where I'll be for many months starting in March, including throughout the rainy season. I need all the protection I can get, so I'll use this in combination with a few other products, natural as much as possible, but also not-so-natural. I attract mosquitos, AND, my bites swell, and become hard. I'd like to avoid DEET on my skin. This soap has worked very well for me after a shower at night when I go to bed and don't want to cover myself with repellent creams, sprays, or oils. Pleasant smell, very light medicinal scent, lathers well, no sticky or waxy feeling after.

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by Matt on Osana Bar
Five Stars

This soap worked great for my trip to Thailand.

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by Sean Barker on Osana Bar
Five Stars

Great item bit too pricey

* This review is from Amazon.com

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