The best mosquito repellent is simply no repellent at all. One of our commitments at Osana Bar Anti Mosquito soap is to help create and promote products that don’t introduce harmful chemicals to your body which are quickly absorbed in your skin. Now that summer is fully here mosquitos are out in full force, being able to simply shower once a day and use Osana Bar as your soap is extremely effect as it is a preventative measure long before you ever encounter a mosquito. The best part is that it’s natural and you don’t have to prepare or think about if you might be crossing a path outdoors where your friendly critters are waiting for you.

People have asked us quite a bit if there is anything else you have to do so we wanted to write this quick post explaining that it’s that simple. Take your normal showers or baths and simply just use Osana natural soap and that’s it.

Even more exciting is that while you are preventing annoyances and irritations for yourself you’re actually doing a lot of good overseas where these same mosquitos are actually killing people. So you get to have a more enjoyable summer while helping lives overseas at the same time.