Lisa Shock, a resident of Captian Cook, HI reached out to us and was concerned about a Dengue outbreak in her area and was asking about Antimosquito Soap

She wrote:

We are fighting an outbreak of Dengue Fever here on the big Island of Hawaii, I live in one of the poorest areas: Ocean View, with many homeless people. My church ( St Judes) donates free showers to the homeless oOsana in HIr needy people in our area once a week. If you have donated bars to distribute we could sure use all that you might want to donate. There is no Malaria here but we do have ongoing issues with dog heartworms being transmitted to humans via mosquitos. Our subdivision is is totally on Catchment water, so every home has a large place where mosquitoes can breed, efforts to treat these is a ongoing problem. We have about 10,000 homes in our neighborhood, and a few hundred homeless people that camp in tents or other primitive conditions. The health department has been spraying for mosquitoes since the outbreak started, and 2 beaches near us are closed due to the Dengue. 

We were delighted to help and send Osana natural antimosquito soap donation bars her way. 

Here is her report back after use of the Antimosquito Soap…

So far everyone that has tried the soap likes the smell and noticed a reduction or elimination of mosquito bites. I have noticed it took about 2 days to start working and then it has worked 100% for me.  Another person, Bill is one of those people that the mosquitoes love, he gets about 20 bites when he outside for about an hour. It also took a few days for him to notice it was working, and now he rarely gets bit.
Actually, everyone that is trying it just loves it, I am giving them the web site so they can reorder, and will get some pictures for you as well.

We are thrilled to be spreading protection and partnering with individuals to make a huge difference in their communities!