As you may or may not have heard we (Osana) have been acquired by our favorite Denver Tech company Never Settle! Never Settle is an IT and web development firm that leverages technology to positively impact the world. This might seem like a strange match at first glance, since Osana is a company that produces and markets an all natural mosquito repellent soap through a get for personal use and give to those in need business model. After all, there are few (if any) direct correlations between web solutions and personal hygiene, but that is just the surface of the relationship.

Osana was founded by four guys (Shaul Hagen, Kenn Kelly, Zak Ferry, Dave Tscholl) in Denver who had a vision to help reduce malaria and sanitation based illnesses around the world, especially in areas where basic sanitation and natural prevention can make a huge impact. Shaul Hagen and Kenn Kelly, two of the original Osana founders, also own two-thirds of Never Settle. Andrew Lundquist, the other third owner of Never Settle, helped name Osana at its inception as a mutual friend of all the original Osana founders. The name actually means “Save Now” in many African dialects, which is very fitting because Africa has more malaria and sanitation based deaths than any other continent in the world.

In addition to the overlap in founders, the primary reason Never Settle took Osana under its wing is much more foundational: Osana’s core values align perfectly with Never Settle’s identity and mission. Never Settle firmly abides by the maxim projected in its name. It is a company deeply devoted to higher standards in both its technology products and services as well as in using its resources and experience to generate positive momentum towards solving significant world problems.

Likewise, we have been focused on identical aims since our beginning. Based on the same buy & give model that was pioneered by companies like Tom’s, we aim to tackle the challenge of preventing malaria by providing all natural anti-mosquito soap to individuals in need. This effort commonly benefits those residing in the countries of the global South where malaria, other mosquito-borne diseases, and deaths related to a lack of sanitation are the most prevalent.

A child dies every minute from malaria and 300 million people get infected with this disease each year. Never Settle acquired us with a vision for injecting new technology accelerators into our marketing and distribution efforts to help change that statistic. By increasing awareness and expanding our reach, Osana donations to particularly vulnerable regions around the world will also increase. You can be part of the solution, as you know we donate 1 bar of natural mosquito repellent soap to those in need for every 4 bars sold, which you can also track on our site here.

As part of the Osana acquisition, to raise awareness, and to drive additional donations Never Settle is currently offering a 20% discount to all new customers for the beginning of July as mosquito season starts to ramp up in North America and other regions. Simply enter coupon code NSWELCOME at checkout to get your 20% off while it lasts!