We have been blown away with the incredible organizations that Osana has been able to partner with over the last year. Each one has shown a dedication, love, and passion for helping the hurting that has inspired us beyond our imaginations. Because of this, it is our goal to continue finding incredible people to partner with, share their story, and provide them with resources that could saves thousands of lives.

The Way Home: Taking Care of Orphans and Widows in Africa

Our Journey has recently led us to an organization called “The Way Home”. The work they are doing is truly inspirational. The AIDS epidemic has left thousands of children orphans.The traditional response of the children in the wake of the death of their parents, is to live with their grandmother who, after no grieving period following the death of her husband and then her own children, opens her small mud hut to 1 or 3 or 6 or 14! orphaned grandchildren or great grandchildren to keep them from being completely abandoned.

Every 15 SECONDS, another child becomes an AIDS orphan in Africa

The Way Home supports and loves 55 Granny-Families who are raising a combined 302 orphaned grandchildren! The Way Home is working in this community in so many amazing ways including:

  • Bible teaching and application: to Granny family groups, community & Pastors
  • Food Security: Biblical Worldview Farming method that increases yield up to 10 times &teaches dependence on God alone.
  • Shelter: Our national team builds a sturdy brick home that will remain with the orphans after their Granny is gone

Osana is honored to be sending a round of all natural mosquito repellent soap to The Way Home for their staff to use over the next couple of months. If the first round of soap goes well, be on the look out for a campaign to raise bars to send to The Way Home for the children and Granny-Families to use. We are all planning for the soap to open a gateway for education and further communication and ministry between the staff at The Way Home and the community in Uganda.

We look forward to sharing their story and being a part of the outstanding work they are doing. Click here to learn more about The Way Home and how you can get involved.