Osana Head of Sales –  Job Description

Heads of Sales is a team leader charged with the task of managing existing sales relationships with retailers and customers and managing both existing brokers and future sales staff. Head of sales are seasoned and experienced and have real-world experience and relationships in the retail world allowing them to create effective plans and be able to execute those plans individually and/or through a team as it grows.

Osana Head of Sales

Qualities of a Head of Sales


This role involves a high degree of human interaction and a person who excels in relationships.


A good head of sales must be experienced and have true retail sales experience from cold calls to sales routes and customer care and must be able to listen well to internal feedback and customers needs with the ability to balance act in a way that will benefit the company and customer in a single action.


As sales increase and the team builds the head of sales must be adequately equipped to teach, train, and pour into new team members essentially with the goal of cloning themselves, growing the business, and executing the mission. They must be humble, kind, and gracious and be able to facilitate open communication between customers and team members.

Responsibilities of a Head of Sales


As a Head of Sales, your responsibilities will include:

  1. Seeking out major clients and forming working relationships with the premier buyers in your industry.
  2. Overseeing and managing sales broker relationships and manage future or existing sales team members
  3. Identifying valuable emerging markets
  4. Serving as an Osana representative at major industry events, conferences, trade shows, and expositions
  5. Maximising company profit and to help achieve the Osana mission
  6. Forming sales strategies to keep Osana competitive and innovative
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Head of Sales Salary

Head of sales on the lowest end of the scale can expect to make at least $30k annually, while someone with experience, relationships, and the proper execution of day to day tasks and clear goals both short and long-term could earn upwards of $100k. For the right experience levels, we are willing to pay higher base levels while still offering above average commissions for at least year one and two.

Other benefits will include a health insurance option, flexible work schedule, completely remote work environments, reimbursement for travel expenses on closed deals, etc.

Our aim is to be competitive but results are a must.

Are You Right For the Job?

If you answer yes to all ten of the following, you’re a great fit for the job:

  1. Are you committed to continuously educating yourself by attending professional workshops, industry events, certification courses, and reviewing professional publications?
  2. Do you have existing relationships in the retail industry that you can call on?
  3. Do you have good people skills?
  4. Do you have a strong business sense and ability to forecast major shifts in the marketplace you work in?
  5. Are you wanting to be a part of something that is bigger than yourself and can change the world one bar or bottle at a time?
  6. Are you an expert negotiator?
  7. Are you a good mentor and coach?
  8. Are you able to effectively and proactively discipline employees when they fail in their duties?
  9. Do you handle stress well?
  10. Are you able to travel on a regular basis for your work?

The Bottom Line


As a head of sales, you will be responsible for leading what is arguably the most important part of any business: getting products off the shelves and into the hands of buyers through retail sales and in-house business to consumer channels. So if you are interested in becoming the head of sales for Osana, you likely have had a series of successes in the past but are ready to take on a challenge for yourself for a company that is hoping to change the world and makes life better for those facing life-threatening illness all over the world. We would love to hear from you and start building on your experience and knowledge to make Osana what we know it can be.


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