africa-kids-raising-hands1. Learn the Basics: Learning what exactly malaria is, what areas it effects, the symptoms if causes, and how many lives it steals every year will not only protect you and your family, but also those traveling around the world. Read more about the reality of malaria here. 

2. Educate Others: Education is the biggest prevention of malaria. Thousands of people in Africa need to know the small steps they can take to save their life such as mosquito nets, eliminating standing water, and natural protection they can apply to their skin. The problem is, not many have access to this education and are suffering as a result. People living in these countries as well as travelers passing through need to spreading knowledge of healing and protection. Learn all about what attracts mosquitoes and natural protection here. 

3. Send a Bed Net or a Bar of Soap: Organizations like Nothing but Nets and Osana are working to provide those in need with the protection they need to save their life. Whether that be anti-mosquito soap, or an anti-mosquito net, these two barriers provide excellent protection and reduce the cases of malaria dramatically.

4. Support Programs: Specifically ones that mobilize and educate communities with locally-tailored health messaging through the creation of volunteer networks. There are numerous solid organizations around that are in the battle to end malaria. Either through financial support, volunteer hours, or simply sharing their message with all that you know can create dramatic world change and make a huge dent in ending malaria.

5. Find Out About Fake Drugs: Counterfeit malaria drugs are a huge issue in the developing world. Do your research before taking any drug, or supporting organizations that administer them. Again, education is one of the biggest prevention tools available.