Many of us have one and only one thing on our minds when we wake up in the morning: coffee. Did you know there are amazing ways to Use Used Coffee Grounds?

The smell of the glorious stuff is enough to rouse many of us from our sleep. Whether your preferred brewing method is a pour over for that delicious, ritualistic single cup, or a 12-cup pot that stays warm all morning and is there whenever you need it, we all have something in common: used coffee grounds.

6 Ways to Use Used Coffee Grounds?

Many coffee shops will also gift you, free of charge, their used coffee grounds. Some people like to use them in their garden and for their potted plants. Others have used them to mix up a stain for furniture and concrete countertops. But there are other uses, too.

1. Odor Neutralizer: Place a small bowl of dried coffee grounds in your freezer to neutralize any unwanted odors.

2. Soap: What’s better than a hot shower to wake you up in the morning? A hot shower with caffeinated soap. That’s right, use your leftover grounds as an ingredient in your next bar of homemade soap.

3. Abrasive Cleaning Agent: Toss a few teaspoons of coffee grounds into that greasy, grimy fry pan from last night’s pork chops and scour it with a clean, thin dishrag. You’ll be amazed at how well this simple remedy works.

4. Pest Repellent: We love natural solutions to unwanted pests. Try sprinkling coffee grounds around problem areas. At your current rate of consumption, how long would it take you to sprinkle grounds all the way around the exterior of your house?

5. Ash Control: This summer, when you are cleaning out your fireplace in preparation for the first fall fire, consider sprinkling grounds around the collected ash before sweeping it up. This strategy helps reduce the amount of air bore dust.

6. Exfoliant: Grab a handful of grounds whenever you need a little exfoliation. The grounds help remove dead skin and eliminate odors that may be on your hands after a night of cooking (read: garlic). You may also want to consider some DIY facial scrubs featuring this versatile vestige of your morning cup ‘OJoe.

6 Ways to Use Used Coffee Grounds



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