Temperatures in your area may still be floating around in the single digits, taking nightly dips into sub-zero climates. But still, springtime is on the mind. Ice cream joints have begun opening their doors around the country, playing off the momentum generated by polar vortexes and cabin fever. And some of them even have lines.

Maybe you’ve been planning your garden all winter, drawing out preliminary sketches on your lunch breaks. Or maybe you made a New Year’s resolution to plant a bountiful garden, but you haven’t yet been able to break the ice with your spade.

March 20th will officially harken in the spring season, and spring is the perfect time to get those seedlings started. There are many reasons gardeners choose to start from seeds. It’s rewarding, for one, to plant a small seed in a small container of dirt and watch it sprout. It can also give you more control over what and when you plant. Additionally, it can be significantly cheaper. Below is a list of 5 spring herbs that are great to plant in early.

5 Spring Herbs to Help Make Mosquitoes Go Away


There’s no need for small, biodegradable containers when it comes to cilantro. This herb is tough (as you may have noticed by the kick it offers your rice). It can handle a light dusting of springtime snow, no problem. As soon as those temperatures start to rise, this herb will germinate, giving you an early harvest (and an early start to your Cinco de Mayo menu planning).


Here’s to another easy-to-grow herb. As with cilantro, you can direct-sow parsley. Parsley prefers full sunlight, but will tolerate a bit of shade (garden space can be tricky, after all).


Despite what you might think, it’s not just for pickles anymore. Dill pairs beautifully with fish, mild cheeses, and vegetable dishes. As an herb that is slightly reminiscent of licorice, it is also great in dips, soups, and salads. (Trivia fact: did you know that dill was widely used by the ancient Greeks and Romans?)


Basil is not quite as tough as cilantro, and therefore requires a little more delicacy. Sow basil indoors (in those same biodegradable containers, if you’d like) and transplant once the weather begins to warm. There is nothing like a beautiful pesto sauce to add to your favorite pasta dish, or full leaves decorating your next fresh-made pizza. Once you get used to having this herb around the house you won’t be able to go back.


Like basil, once you’ve got chives you can’t go back. Plant a bunch in a pot by the backdoor and you’ll have a nice crispy snack each time you come home. Chives are the herb equivalent of the cotton t-shirt: you can always use some. Toss a handful in your salad; sauté some up with your veggies; add it as a garnish to your chip dip. The possibilities are literally endless. Literally.

Bonus: Most of these herbs also keep mosquitos away! Just like our All Natural Mosquito Repellent Soap.