Osana Bar Spray

We are a local company with a global vision, and we know that’s impossible without your support and we're deeply grateful for every customer, partner, and advocate. We provide osana bar spray as well a solution to a worldwide problem. Whether you are looking for a clean, all-natural, daily use soap or interested in helping save lives around the world, we are here to help.

osana bar spray, the Natural Way to Keep Bugs Away

Our life-saving soap has all the ingredients repellants have without all the chemicals and it‘s all natural and organic its purpose is to prevent malaria and improve sanitation for millions of people. For every package of osana bar spray you buy, we will donate a bar to a family in need who are affected by dengue, malaria or zika and lack of sanitation.

osana bar spray soap incorporates citronella as part of its effective formula. This active constituent has been used for centuries as a powerful natural osana bar spray. Citronella distinctive scent wards off bugs and can even make it more difficult for an insect to locate a host. Thanks to its pleasant aroma, some natural bug repellent products such as our soap contain osana bar. Moreover, combine with menthol oil, it increases the efficacy against the osana bar vector larvae.

You can safely protect your skin and your family's health by washing every morning with an Osana soap. osana bar spray is kids friendly and allergen-free.

Protect Your Skin and Safe Lives

For every bar of osana bar spray you buy, we donate one to people in need of sanitary products around the world. We always send the bar to those countries with high-risk of acquiring mosquito-borne diseases.

By purchasing osana bar spray you will receive 3 bars of osana bar spray, 100-grams each. While taking action in the battle against many mosquito-borne illnesses and other sanitation-based diseases that cause millions of preventable deaths every year. Your purchase enables us to send one bar of osana bar spray on your behalf to one of our partners working to fight mosquito-borne diseases while restoring dignity, building relationships and creating opportunity within their communities.

Join us in the fight to save lives and end this disease.

Are you ready to be part of the solution? The solution will involve all of us working together! There are many ways to help, and using Osana soap is just one option. osana bar spray is one simple way to fight this problem and help others in need.

If you are a traveler looking for mosquito protection when traveling overseas or a mom looking for safe osana bar for children, you can be part of the solution and help save lives!

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