Homemade Repellent

We are a local company with a global vision, and we know that’s impossible without your support and we're deeply grateful for every customer, partner, and advocate. We provide homemade repellent as well a solution to a worldwide problem. Whether you are looking for a clean, all-natural, daily use soap or interested in helping save lives around the world, we are here to help.

The homemade soap to Keep Mosquitoes Away

homemade is non-toxic and child-friendly, and contains no animal products. It helps you keep mosquitos away without damaging your skin. Osana soaps smell great and work!

You would never have to worry about forgetting your bug spray again; simply shower with Osana and forget about the bugs. It effectively cleanses, moisturizes, and helps to protect skin. Plus, you will help fight malaria. When you purchase repellent homemade, Osana donates bars on your behalf to those in need around the world suffering from malaria and sanitation-based illnesses. Protect yourself in a natural way from unwanted mosquito bites and help others!

The All-Natural Repellent Soap That Helps Save the World

Osana bar is made of 100% natural herbal extracts, smells great, and really works keeping the mosquitoes away naturally! Plus, it is gentle enough to use it on your face.

It is a naturally fresh scent like any other fresh, natural soap that smells great when you shower. Unlike bug spray, citronella candles, mosquito patches, insect traps, pest bracelets, or other bug repellents, this is natural and a preventative vs. reactive repellent. Simply shower as you would normally with the Osana Bar and stay protected for 24 hours without doing anything. You are already protected before you ever come in contact with mosquitoes.

When you buy a homemade we donate a homemade, all these wellness can reach countries in need of soap and other personal hygiene products that can prevent malaria and sanitation-based deaths. With Osana repellent, you can travel hassles-free without worrying about sprays or other anti-mosquito products. You can rest assure that homemade repellent will protect you from any dangerous illness transmitted by mosquitos around the world.

If you are a person that travels a lot and is looking for mosquito protection when travelling around the world or just want a homemade repellent, Osana soaps are the best way to go.

Are you ready to be part of the solution? The solution will involve all of us working together! There are many ways to help, and using Osana soap is just one option. homemade repellent is one simple way to fight this problem and help others in need.

If you are a traveler looking for mosquito protection when traveling overseas or a mom looking for safe homemade for children, you can be part of the solution and help save lives!

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