Follow Your Soap

When you purchase Osana’s Natural Mosquito Repellent Soap

, come here to follow your soap and see where your donation bars were sent around the world to help fight malaria, zika virus and also prevent sanitation-based deaths and sicknesses.

We’ll be posting pictures, testimonials, and videos of the donations so you can see the impact you are making as you choose to restore hope and help those in need.

Osana Soap Reaches Uganda and Ghana

One of the main goals of Osana is to be highly involved with the people we send our bars to. This is why we offer the "track your soap" option for…

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Get to Know Healing Faith

THE SEGNERS Jason and Kari Segner the founders of Healing Faith, were married in the fall 2001. Their first daughter, Faith, was born in 2003. She…

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Osana Partnering with Healing Faith

We are more excited than ever to announce that Osana will now be sending donations bars to an incredible organization known as Healing Faith. We are…

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Get to know Lot2545

Courtney Morrow is a beautiful volunteer for Lot2545 that travels to Uganda to serve this organization often. She has many stories and experiences…

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Get to Know Hour of Grace Orphanage

Hour of Grace Orphanage  is an organization that cares for of over 40 orphans in Ghana. Courtney Morrow is a beautiful volunteer that travels to…

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Girl holds up anti mosquito soap in haiti

Osana helps with malaria prevention in Haiti

Osana Bar is very excited to be officially in Haiti with 500 bars of soap received to a community this past weekend.  We partnered with the amazing…

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Kujali International and Osana Bar

Osana Donates First Round of Anti Mosquito Soap to Kujali International

Left to right: Zak Ferry (Osana), Sydney Scheaf(Kujali), David Tscholl(Osana) and Kenn Kelly(Osana) We are excited to announce the we have passed our…

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First Donation of Soap to Kujali in Tanzania

Our first shipment of Osana Bar's is going to the Kujali International! Kujali is on the coast of Tanzanian and suffers dramatically from Malaria.…

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