Become a Conscious Consumer This Summer

Last year we told you about some great companies that give backHarry’s, Charity:Water, State Bags, Life Straw, Thread Experiment…  They have gifts that keep on giving, and we love companies that use their platform to make a positive impact in the world!


Why do we share these things with you?  It’s important!  You will be buying that gift for your grads and dads or that new backpack for your summer adventures anyway.  So why not put your money where your values are?


When you put a little extra effort and care into your shopping, you can enjoy that refreshing drink knowing that you helped provide clean water for a child who needed it.  You can rest a little better on your new sheets knowing that someone else has a clean bed to sleep in that night thanks to you.  You can enjoy your shower every morning that much more knowing that someone somewhere else in the world is malaria free because you switched to Osana.


Take it one step further and think about who is making the products you enjoy.  Are they being treated justly?  Do they receive a fair wage for their work?  Love how fabulous you look and feel in that new organic cotton shirt knowing that a woman was empowered to feed her children when she got home from a long day of work making it.


This is how the world changes; this is how you can change the world.

Here are a few more places to start your journey to becoming a #ConsciousConsumer:

terralite:  Want some summery scents for your home?  This company has all the candles, mist, and oils you need.  Terralite only use fair trade certified coconut oil – better for the producers and the planet – and biodegradable and recyclable packaging.   Every time you buy from them, 1% of the sale goes to different environmental products around the world.

Matr Boomie:  Matr Boomie has a wide variety of products benefitting a wide variety of projects.  You can get a journal to record all of your summer adventures while helping a child get an education, or a bag for your yoga mat that helps fund one of their medical projects.

LOT 2545:  If you’re looking for that perfect summer accessory, they’ve got you covered.  LOT 2545 employs a group of formerly exploited women who make beautiful paper bead jewelry and accessories.  These women are paid a fair wage, and then the rest of the profit goes toward getting teenage boys off the streets of Uganda and into school, jobs, and a home.

Good Paper:  We all send cards to loved ones.  For their birthdays, anniversaries, or just because.  Purchasing these greeting cards helps women escape sex trafficking in the Philippines and young adults orphaned by disease in Rwanda.

Use Osana to Protect Your Pets

Protect your furry friends!

Believe it or not, mosquitos love our pets just as much as they love us.  Just like in humans, a mosquito bite for animals can result in an everything from an irritating itch to a parasitic disease.  According to Hartz, the biggest concern caused by mosquitos for dogs is heartworm disease.

DEET is the main ingredient in most mosquito repellents, but it is definitely not the way to protect our furry friends.  We hate putting that concoction on ourselves or our children.  (With good reason, too.  DEET can actually melt plastic!)  So why would we use it on our pets?

Happy Dog

If our furry friends are even exposed to DEET, it can cause skin irritation, vomiting, and even seizures.  [Source: BarkPost]  Think about this: cats and dogs and many other animals clean themselves by licking their own fur.  Imagine if they ingest this toxic chemical!  (Another reason not to use it on yourself either – no dog kisses!)


Luckily, Osana is made with all natural ingredients and is pet-friendly.  Use Osana on your furry family members (and the rest of them) for all camping, hiking, and any other fun outdoor adventures.  #MosquitosSuck, but your pet’s summer doesn’t have to.