Natural Soap and Alternative to Mosquito Repellent for the entire family, smells fantastic, and is great for year-round use.

  • Our customers tell us they love it!
  • Smells great – Natural Fragrance
  • Naturally clean the whole family
  • Non toxic & Environmentally Safe
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Non-Toxic Bar Soap


Perfect for Daily Use Bar Soap



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Amazon Customer

 Amazon Customer

“This soap really does work! Mild scent, with all natural ingredients! I will definitely reorder as I’ve shared my bars with my pregnant daughter!”

M. Harrison

 M. Harrison

“Smells clean, works great! Not one bite since starting to use it 2 weeks ago. Before using I was getting bitten daily. I’ll be ordering more.”

 Ruth Mary Tschol

“Thanks to this soap, I can now visit my favorite vacation spot, Hilton Head, S. Carolina and enjoy outdoor activities including the beach and golf without scratching all day and night from the insect bites.”


 Larry Gorski

“I have been using Osana now for two weeks, cutting grass and doing yard work without any bug spray and no bug bites. ”


By using Osana, you are not only helping those in need all around the world,  you are also preventing unwanted mosquito bites and protecting your body in a completely natural, non-toxic way.

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Osana Natural Mosquito Repellent ~ Non-Toxic Bar Soap for Everyday Use

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